Our Story

The Fight Like Heaven Foundation.

What began as a catch phrase in response to a fight against cancer, turned into selling some T-shirts and Tumblers to people who wanted to help in the fight, and then became a Trademarked phrase, and throughout the Fight we continued to give God the glory in the midst of the difficult journey.

As we fought our battles, our hearts broke for the many others that fight the same battles. Our hearts broke for the people all over the world that need the hope and love and joy that only Jesus can provide. God called us to do something to help. Maybe we just help a few friends and family. Or maybe God wants to use the life and legacy of one very faithful servant to impact lives all over the world. So here we are, ready to help others Fight Like Heaven.

Will you join us in helping others to Fight Like Heaven and experience the hope and love and joy that only Jesus gives?

“When I found out I had Stage 4 Cancer, at first I said I was going to fight like hell to beat it. But then a thought came to my mind. Hell lost the battle. Heaven won the battle. I am going to Fight Like Heaven (TM) because God has already won the battle, whether I am healed here on earth or He heals me in Heaven. Because of my faith in Jesus Christ, the battle is already won.”

– Amy Koch, Founder – Fight Like Heaven

In July of 2022, Amy lost her 5 year battle with cancer, but her legacy lives on through the Fight Like Heaven Foundation. The passions of her life serve as the heartbeat of our programs: Battling Cancer, Adoption, and Mission work for Jesus. Amy lived every day to serve Jesus, and to share his love with others. She battled cancer with a joy and strength that cam from her daily walk with Jesus. Despite battling cancer, she continued to teach her special needs class, serve in ministry at Rockpointe Church, go on mission trips every year, and sought to serve and care for the needy in our community.